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Bundle:2 items – Adapter&Power Cord/ USB DRIVE; Dell New Design 65W AC Adapter”PowerSupply”for Dell Notebook Model Numbers: Dell Inspiron I15R-2105SLV, Dell Inspiron I15R-2110SLV, Dell Inspiron I15R-2632SLV, Dell Inspiron I15R-2646MRB, Dell Inspiron I15R-789MRB, Dell Inspiron I15RM-1765DBK. 100% Compatible With Dell P/N: PA-12, PA-1650-02DD, 0928G4, 928G4, PA-1650-05D2, U7088, F7970, N2765, 450-10484, AA22850, PA-1650-05D, 310-4408, 1X917, HP-OQ065B83, 310-2860, 310-3149, 5U092, N6M8J, TJ76K, KT