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Saturday 20 April 2019 – The Monocle Minute


Marc Beaugé

New French magazine L’Etiquette has adopted a fresh take on men’s fashion. Co-founder Marc Beaugé and his well-dressed editorial team offer styling tips that are realistic and, importantly, useful. Here, in the latest instalment of our series dedicated to the reading, listening and watching habits of media types, he reveals he’s an early riser who enjoys venting about how little he sleeps.

What news source do you wake up to?
I wake up very early, usually 4am, and the first thing I do is look at Twitter.

Coffee, tea or something pressed to go with the headlines?
Usually nothing until I get to work; I will then grab a double espresso from the coffee shop next door.

Something from the FM dial or Spotify for your tunes?
Sadly, I must admit that I almost don’t listen to music anymore. I used to listen a lot and even wrote about music but it has gone out of my daily life. I hear stuff through my girlfriend or kids but I don’t even have a Spotify account. The only playlist that I still have is one I made for running about five years ago – but I stopped running almost immediately after starting.

What’s that you’re humming in the shower?
I do shower but I don’t hum much. And it’s probably for the best given my singing skills.

Papers delivered or a trip down to the kiosk?
I read Le Monde on my phone and I get the magazines I like to read delivered to the office – most weekly magazines like L’Obs and Les Inrocks.

Five magazines for your weekend sofa-side stack?
Can I mention magazines I work for? Society, L’Etiquette, Holiday and M Le Magazine du Monde. One more? Monocle, obviously!

Are you a subscriber or more of a newsstand browser?
Clearly newsstand.

Sofa or cinema for the evening?
Sofa. Computer. Coke Zero. Work. Twitter. Instagram. Work. Early to bed. Very early wake-up. What a life!

What’s the best thing you’ve watched of late?Sopranos. But I fear I am a bit late on this one.

Sunday brunch routine?
Every Sunday we go to a little café and have family breakfast at the same table. Coffee, bread, croissants and complaining about not having slept enough. A routine.

What papers and periodicals will be spread out around among the viennoiserie?Le Monde, L’Équipe, Libération, Le Parisien. And I usually wonder at how good Le Monde is compared to the rest.

Do you still make an appointment to watch the nightly news?
No. Not for the past 10 years. Even though I do like watching the news show Quotidien on TMC – and not just because I appear on it once a week.

What’s on the airwaves before drifting off?
Nothing, to be honest.

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