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Did you buy the most recent MacBook Air? Tell us what you think.

Given the comments left on the review, we know that y’all have lots of thoughts about the most recent Air. Well, now is your chance to weigh in on all the various upgrades and drawbacks. If you own or use this newest model, what made you buy it, even over similarly priced laptops in Apple’s lineup? Are you finding it a valuable machine, despite the lack of inputs and slower-than-a-Pro processor? How many hours of battery life can you squeeze out of it? And did you also run into issues running 4K video? A lot of people were eagerly awaiting this laptop’s release; if you were one of them, head on over to the 2018 MacBook Air page in our buyer’s guide where you can submit your own score and thorough review.

Note: Comments have been turned off for this post. To leave a review please visit our Apple Macbook Air 2018 product page.

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