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Razer Blade Pro (Kaby Lake) Laptop Review



Today we are taking a look at a Razer notebook for the first time, and it’s a pretty interesting one. Over the years Razer has developed a cult following much like Apple, and for a good reason.




Razer takes their time with their notebook development and aims to release a product that overcomes many obstacles that day-zero launch products might encounter such as overheating. In fact, we are reviewing their 7th generation notebook today while they just launched their 8th generation products, albeit they launched 8th gen a few months later than their competitors.








The Blade Pro uses a 17.3″ 120Hz 1080P gaming monitor combined with a GTX 1060 6GB and i7-7700HQ. We believe that Razer picked the GTX 1060 to keep things thin. The notebook comes with 16GB of dual channel memory, a 256GB SSD, and a 2TB HDD. Since the notebook uses both the Killer 1535 WIFI controller and E2500 NIC, you get to utilize Killer’s DoubleShot Pro, which lets you kind of combine the two NICs. The keyboard offers RGB support with individual key adjustment powered by Razer Chroma. The notebook uses a 70Wh battery and weighs 6.78lbs. The notebook measures in at 0.88″x16.7″x11″ (HxWxD).





The Blade Pro in our configuration chimes in at $2,299.99.

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