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Yepo 737A Budget Laptop Review and Unboxing

The Yepo 737A is an amazing Budget Laptop and this review and unboxing shows it!. Get the best laptop under $300 here for only $219 GEARBEST FLASH SALE!

I’m a huge fan of budget notebooks and the Yepo 737A is a cheap laptop with some impressive specs. It’s got 128GB EMMC Storage as well as 6GB of RAM and comes with Windows 10. The N3450 CPU is a Quad Core 1.1Ghz capable of boosting to 2.2Ghz. The 13.3″ IPS Screen is crisp and clear with really great viewing angles. Over to gaming, I found that the Nintendo Wii version of New Super Mario Bros was almost running at full 60 fps which was amazing compared to other N3450 units I’ve seen or reviewed.

The most impressive thing was that the Yepo 737A Notebook computer could playback a H.265 10bit 400Mbit 4k media file. This laptop shouldn’t have any trouble playing any sort of video files you throw at it. H.264 Media files were a breeze too. It didn’t achieve full 60fps on the 4k version of BigBuckBunny though but all things considered, the Yepo 737A Laptop is very impressive!

You can grab yours here for the 128GB model or here for the FLASH SALE price of $219

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