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Broker Apprentice 2017: Meet the winner

Insurance Age catches up with Luke Perkins of Leicester-headquartered BHIB, the winner of The Broker Apprentice 2017

Luke Perkins Broker Apprentice 2017

▶ How did you begin in insurance? I started in personal lines with Swinton. It was my first job out of college. I then specialised at Forces Insurance selling personal lines to military personnel. My end goal was always to get into commercial. I went to Aon about a year later and ultimately found a position at BHIB. It is a role I can grow into.

What was your favourite task? It was The Brewery task by a country mile. For my job I go into businesses and find out what they are doing well, report back, make presentations and get quotes looking to work with insurers. The task naturally fell into place and there was the opportunity to help other people and make sure everyone enjoyed it.

On the flipside, what was your least favourite? The marketing one. I concentrated too much on what I knew about the real estate product rather than how to market it. Standing up in front of people with a 10 minute presentation of something that they could in theory use was quite daunting.

What was it like being constantly filmed? Everyone really enjoyed it. But there is something in the back of your mind after years of watching TV and seeing idiots on programmes that you constantly think ‘am I going to say something strange?’ It is an amazing experience to have. Anyone applying won’t have had exposure to such a situation on a day-to-day basis. You learn from it.

Were you tempted to play a game? The only strategy I had was to turn up and be me. If you try and wing it in any way the experienced people that surround you will see straight through it. The whole point of this journey was to develop and gain experience to help you go further in life.

What did you learn? I don’t get too nervous about many things but this really took me outside of my comfort zone. You are constantly judging yourself. After this I will put myself forward for things that make me uncomfortable and previously would have said I am not interested in. I feel more confident in myself.

How did it feel when your name was read out? Relief and then pure shock. To have the reassurance from senior execs thinking you are doing well was the best feeling in the world.

Have all the apprentices stayed in touch? Yes, we have a Whatsapp group. When the episodes were going out we shared the reaction in our offices. It was good as we were all in the same situation.

What was the feedback from friends, family and colleagues? My colleagues were really pleased. My friends and family don’t really understand the insurance world or what I do for a living. They were really amazed to see me spending time with the senior people at Axa and learning from them and sharing experiences. It was 100% positive feedback from everyone who watched it. 

Should people apply for the next series this year? It is such an achievement to be picked for the six and is more than enough to put you on cloud nine for a very long time. People would be silly not to apply. If they think ‘I would like to do it but I’m not confident enough’ they need to do it because they’ll never think like that again. The most important thing I got from this was one-to-one time with the most senior people at Axa. The exposure to people like this is reason alone to get involved.

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From the sponsor 

We would like to thank all the candidates for being part of Broker Apprentice this year. The standard was incredibly high and we are sure the finalists will serve as champions of the sector as they rise up the ranks. The future of broking is certainly in safe hands.

 It was tough to choose a winner but Luke stood out for his all-round ability and his enthusiasm to learn. He definitely earned the right to call himself Broker Apprentice 2017 and he has great potential.

 As well as a laptop, Luke has landed himself a place on the AXA Broker Future scheme which is held in Paris in April and November. The aim of the programme is to help the best and brightest brokers in the country prepare for the future of our industry. We hope Luke enjoys his prize and we wish him the best as his career blossoms.

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