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14 design monitors review: a beauty contest for screens


Computer equipment in the living room can be a source of many household discussions. This is the field where design monitors shine. It is a completely different market than what we usually dwell in, but there are plenty of options to choose from if the eye wants candy. We are testing 14 beautiful screens.

While most of the PC purchases these days are laptops, it does not mean that an external monitor is an excess. Sitting and looking at a small laptop screen can both cause eye and the back stain. Also, the picture quality is usually not all that great. Even if you have one with amazing picture, which is an exception rather than a rule, the struggle for working space and pixels that are too don’t make things any better.

In our opinion, an external monitor is an essential peripheral for anyone who does more on the computer than simply browsing while lounging on a sofa. Whether you are managing your administration or organising your holiday photos, it will go smoother with a larger external screen. There are plenty of options in this field and many comparison tests have been done before as well. In our tests, we generally first look at the technology and the purpose which means that the technical aspects are then decisive in the composition of a test field. This time we do things a bit differently.

Design is key

We can imagine that some people decide not to buy an external monitor because a black computer screen does not exactly brighten up the living room. The main benefit of a laptop in comparison is that it can be put away out of sight once you do not need it anymore. Luckily, there are manufacturers who put time and effort into making their screens look pretty with thin bezels and bold designs and materials. Truth be told, we have never taken the outside of a screen into consideration before, but this time we made a selection with just that in mind.

Keep in mind that design is not part of the final score as taste and preference are different for everyone. We wanted to represent the screens you will not see on the shelf of your regular electronics store, with looks that stand out from the mass. For this, we asked the manufacturers to send us multiple screens which were created as a design piece. With a budget of around 500 euro, you will definitely come home with a nice-looking screen, but in this test we did not even have anything that expensive. We also pay a lot of attention to the 34” uwqhd and 43” uhd screens, so if you are looking for one of those and are not tied for money, feel free to browse our recent tests and reviews, the market is not standing still.

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