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Best laptop 2017: 13 of the best notebooks for all budgets

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Best laptop 2017: 13 of the best notebooks for all budgets
Home Guides Computing Laptops By Trusted Reviews December 12, 2017 Best laptop 2017: Check out our in depth buying guide and list of recommendations to find which laptop to pick up this holiday season. Click here to jump to the best laptops list How much should I spend on a laptop? What you decide to spend on a laptop will be determined by what you’re likely to want to use the laptop for. If you simply want to do a bit of web browsing and send and receive a few emails then a cheap 11-inch netbook or Chromebook for under £200 will do the job. It’s best not to buy an ultra-cheap laptop and push it to its limits, though. Saving up for a more expensive laptop that can undertake a greater number of tasks at once will be worth it if you don’t need the ultimate in thin and light budget machinery. Related: Best laptop deals Want something a little bigger? You can pay between £300 and £400 for a 15.6-inch laptop powered by an Intel Core i3 processor that’s powerful enough to carry out the basic…


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