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AMD's supercharged Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition launches with a performance promise

AMD has revealed the next generation of its Radeon Software graphics card driver and utility tool package, dubbed the Adrenaline Edition.

This hyperbolic name is for software that’s effectively a refresh on the previous Crimson ReLive Edition software, which AMD claims had the highest user satisfaction ever.

And the Adrenaline Edition looks to continue on with that, bringing major driver updates to extract more performance from AMD graphics cards and aiming to offer enhancements for both games and the software’s utility features.

While AMD has announced the Adrenaline Edition, mainly via a flashy video typical of graphics cards and gaming hardware companies, it hasn’t gone into much detail on any of the special features the Adrenaline Edition will bring.

Nevertheless, it acts as a commitment by AMD to keep a keen focus on the software support it offeres with its GPUs.

AMD has previously been known to produce keenly priced and high-performance graphics cards, only to fall short when it comes to driver support and ensuring its GPUs play nicely with new and demanding game releases.

This has been in contrast to Nvidia which has always had pretty solid driver support for its graphics cards, only with the occasional compatibility foible to blot its copy book.

Nvidia’s software has also brought with it strong tools for automatically tuning games to support a PC or laptop’s specifications, providing an Nvidia GPU is on graphics duty.

With the Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition, AMD has the opportunity to slot such tools and extras into its utility box, as it seems to now be producing solid GPU drivers and has the scope to focus on bolstering other areas of its graphics card software when it launches next month.

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