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Best laptop for like $650-$750?

Okay so I’m in the works of getting a laptop, but I know little of them. I’m basically looking for a steam machine.

Something strong enough to game on, but I don’t need anything over the top. Just good enough to play most games at med-high settings.

I’ll be playing a lot of Titanfall 2, Warframe, Overwatch.

If I could get some suggestions that’d be great.

Thanks in advance. <3

[–]CaptainCyanide 0 points 

At that price and those list of games, get a PC.

[–]u53rn4m33[S] 1 point 

I have a PC.

I need something I can take with me on the road.

[–]CaptainCyanide 0 points 

I’m just saying you will not find a laptop at that price point being able to play those games at an enjoyable framerate and graphics settings, why not just get a ultrabook for office work and netflix?

[–]u53rn4m33[S] 1 point 

Because I want to play games when I’m out.

So say we raise the budget, to whatever, what is a good laptop I could get. What would you recommend, no budget.

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