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Which budget laptop should i take?

Hey. I am currently looking into buying a nice budget laptop for school work and what not. here are my options:


Since i currently reside in canada, the exchange for the Dell Laptop would be around 230$, about $70 less than the 14″

Honestly, which one should i get? i’d like having a much bigger screen but the i can’t get over the portability of the dell.

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Honestly I would get neither, I would suggest going used if you are going that low on price. Heres an example:

Now don’t get me wrong it’s a thick laptop but it has alot for the price.

[–]SolidCalmHP EliteBook 8460p 1 point 

As previously said, you should get an used laptop.

Get mine, for example. Here.

Biggest pros:

-i7 (2th gen). That’s good for the price.

-Dedicated GPU (that’s awesome for gaming or whatever activity that uses GPU)



Well, and it’s really durable, very reliable. It’s strong as a rock, made by metal.

Ask me any question about the laptop if you want.

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