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ASUS ROG G752 Gaming / Editing Laptop Review

Guys, i bought a new laptop. $1600.00. Its an ASUS ROG G752 . I bought it for the purpose of editing video while on the road but also to game a little because, how could you not? The TRYtoHELPyou channel needs more videos! So far my experience with it is good. I am having issues with using my older iomega usb 3.0 2TB external hard drive. It was working on two of the usb ports, but since the windows update, i am unable to use it at all via usb 3.0. My only other usb 3.0 device works fine. It is a card reader. Also the bloatware. There is a little bit too much in the way of software. I deleted the ASUS republic of gamers GameFirst software. It helped me start up other programs more quickly. Specifically geforce experience. It has xSplit. Full license. I dont plan on using it much but it seems like an awesome software. This asus g752 laptop is HUGE! i like it, i am not happy about the price tag but hey, what else can you do? perhaps buy an MSI gaming laptop? maybe, but this is the one i was able to get my hands on so ill take it. Please leave comments below, i will make a follow up video if i get enough feedback. Check out my other videos! Subscribe to see more of my stuff. I hope that helped!

Barnacules Nerdgasm has an awesome video to watch regarding windows ten and privacy.

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