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Australia – XPS 15 or wait for surface book 2?

I live in Australia and I’m wondering what your opinion is on XPS 15 vs SB 2. XPS 15 with 512 gb storage and 16gb ram is about 2600-2900 in Aus depending on if there’s a sale. The new SB2 13in version comes out on 9 November and a somewhat comparable configuration, i.e. 512gb storage 16gb ram is 3799, which is veeeery expensive. One step down would be the 256gb 8gb ram version that’s priced at 2999.

I want to use the laptop for uni/internship/work/occasional gaming. The current plan is to get a laptop, a dock and hook the laptop up for a dual monitor setup when I’m home and just unplug it when I take it away for uni and work. What do you think is the best laptop for me? I’m open to suggestions outside these two products of course.

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