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Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI running linux for gaming

Hey guys, I am new to this reddit but was really eager to ask an advice on a setup I am planning to make.

I am experienced with hardware and OSs and have been planning for a while to get a good high end laptop for gaming, but on Linux, not a big fan of Windows anymore…

My idea was to get the new Zephyrus, set it up for gaming using Vulkan, but also set up a GPU passthrough using a second monitor to run near native Windows games, which require DirectX, however, I stumbled upon articles claiming that you cannot use the integrated GPU, not the Nvidia one, on the Zephyrus, so does anyone have any further knowledge than this?

P.S. | I am doing Computer Science, so a Windows, or a dualboot would be very inconvenient for me, I also travel so I cannot setup a desktop with GPU passthrough, which would be easer.

link to laptop review:

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