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Pelican Products 0S1000-0003-130 ProGear Sport Laptop Backpack for 15-Inch Ultrabooks/17-Inch MacPro/Camera (Green)

Price: $198.99

The Pelican ProGear S100 Sport Elite Laptop Backpack features an integrated Pelican case for the ultimate in crushproof, watertight, and impact resistant protection. This top-loader pack includes a 25 liter main storage compartment, SureGrip soft rubber handle, and load compression straps. The shoulder straps float when the backpack is placed in water. With the S100 you get a TSA ready and under-seat convenient backpack that opens easily and closes securely. With a lumbar pad, chest clip, removable hip belt, and ergonomic ventilated back you get the ultimate in comfort, and for convenience, look no further than our expanding sling storage for jackets and bedrolls.Built-In Watertight, Crushproof Case (Top-Loading, Fast Access TSA Ready and Under Seat Convenient)
Sure Grip Soft Rubber Handle
Rigid Front Plate
Top-loader with 25 Liter Main Storage
Chest Clip and Removable Hip Belt
SureGrip Soft Rubber Handle Rigid Front Plate
Bottom Expanding Sling Storage
Load Compression Straps
Top-loader 25 Liter Main Storage Chest Clip and Removable Hip Belt
Floating Shoulder Straps and Lumbar Pad with Ergonomic Ventilated Back

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